How does ironing the cloth benefit my table?2019-05-31T10:48:39+00:00

Ironing cloth flattens the nap so as to increase the speed of the balls when playing,this is done with a billiard iron.

How do i level my table?2019-05-31T10:48:09+00:00

I can achieve this by adjusting toes at the base of the table legs.

Can you re-mark and re-spot my table?2019-05-31T10:47:40+00:00

Yes i can i follow strict dimensions when re-marking a table using special marking out tools.

Are dust covers important for protecting my table?2019-05-31T10:47:13+00:00

Dust covers are very important for your table,dust and light can ruin your cloth.

What is the nap?2019-05-31T10:46:40+00:00

the direction of the cloth.

How do i brush my table?2019-05-31T10:45:06+00:00

Firstly you need to use a Billiards brush ,brush from the ‘D’ end towards the ‘nap’ with short firm strokes in one straight line,remember to brush under and top of the cusions towards the nap.