• If you are moving house or just the snooker or pool table we can accommodate
    you in both aspects of the move, locally or in the country side.
  • We can disassemble the snooker table, transport and reassemble at the new location.
  • Price’s start from $200.00 for a local move of a 7’pool table, prices vary for different size tables and different conditions like , is there good access to both properties, is there stares or staircase’s
    at either location where the table is being moved to, and from.
  • Please don’t hesitate to give us a ring or email us for more information or quote on anything above.

I specialise in every aspect of pool and billiard restoration with the best of care and experience.
Restoration jobs may include-
Recover tables and cusions

  • Install adjustable toes
  • Repair timber
  • Repolishing
  • New rubbers
  • Repolishing
  • New rubbers
  • Re-shape pocket openings
  • Repair cues / cue tips

If you are interested in Football teams or drink logo cloths i can organise and recloth your table to suit you. Broken slates can be repaired if it is a clean break, i can also assist with this matter.

Prices for recloth range from $375 onwards in the Perth Metro area depending on table size. Please feel free to contact me with any matters in relation to prices, room sizes and preparing your room for your table.

Service and maintenance of pool and snooker tables are a big part of my business. I am also able to provide you with information on how to make sure your pool table and accessories stay in great condition.
Annual maintenance may include:

  • Table leveling
  • Re – marking / spotting
  • Ironing of the cloth

Major repairs include:

  • Table recovering
  • Rerubbering Cushion ( done before recover)
  • Nets and leather replacement
  • Wood restoration

Over time tips become worn or fall off and need replacing, i can repair most cues and give advice for the best option for your cue tip.

I am happy to provide a free quote for any issues you may have with your table.